The past year´s 1st Men’s League was played by 13 different teams, which played 2 matches against every other team. Almost every match day consisted of two games. This cup-style play was sometimes a problem, because it was very demanding, both physically and psychically and required teams to have the necessary width of their squad.

After the end of the league, the first two teams were promoted to our highest league, the Salming Extraliga, and the last 5 were relegated to their respective regional leagues. From the beginning it was obvious that TJ A-FbO Nižná and ŠK LIDO Prírodovedec will be setting the pace, with only FBC Grasshoppers AC UNIZA Žilina “B” being able to hold on for a few rounds. Therefore it was obvious that the two promoted teams will be from Nižná and Bratislava, because FBC Grasshoppers AC UNIZA Žilina “B” have the A team in Salming Extraliga and therefore didn´t even have a hypothetical chance. In the end TJ A-FbO Nižná won the league just by a single point ahead of ŠK LIDO Prírodovedec. Both teams lost just 3 matches of the 24 they played and therefore their promotion was well-deserved. The third place belongs to FBC Grasshoppers AC UNIZA Žilina “B” who lost 8 points more than ŠK LIDO Prírodovedec. The rest of the teams were pretty balanced with only 8 points setting the 4th and last team apart. The first relegated team was FBC BlueBerries Modra, who only won 2 matches, and with just 4 points in total they couldn´t even dream of remaining in the league. The 12th team was Žltý Sneh Košice with 13 points, who suffered because of their bad start. Sport Banská Bystrica and FBK Harvard Partizánske were also relegated with 16 and 17 points respectively. The last relegated team was VŠK Hurikán Bratislava “B”, whose 21 points wasn´t enough to remain in the league. FBK Púchov remained with just 22 points. Seventh and sixth place belonged to FBC 11 Trnava and Snipers Bratislava with the same amount of points, and so the rivalry that we´ve seen in the final of the Western Regional League will be seen in our 2nd highest League. ŠK 1. FBC Trenčín “B” were the fifth with 26 points.

The 2013/2014 edition of 2nd Men´s League was extremely balanced with many thrilling relegation matches. The new season will have a couple of big changes, which should improve the league even more.

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