Slovakia will be hosting the men´s qualification tournament for the upcoming World Championship!

The tournament will be held in the city of Nitra, which was the host to last year´s women´s WFC qualifiers.

It is set to begin on the 3st of February 2016, with the last match being played on the 7th of the same month. Slovakia will therefore be hosting the WFC qualifiers for the second consecutive time, with the previous being the one held in Bratislava´s Hant arena in February 2014. The World Floorball Championships itself will be held in Latvia from 3rd till 11th of December 2016

There will shortly be an officialy confirmed list of teams that will be a part qualyfing group in Nitra, but the preliminary list of our potentials opponents looks as follows: Slovakia, Sweden, Russia, Belgium, and France.

Photo by Rastislav Bugel.